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There are certain moments in life so unique that it’s unlikely you’ll experience anything like them again. The entire year of 2020 fits that billing for most of us. Even in the midst of that, people are still falling in love and getting married—a reminder that #LOVEISNOTCANCELLED, even if the circumstances of this year have forced us to adjust to the demands of the time. Enter Sophia Bailey and Trey Hess. We met Sophia as the COVID-19 pandemic was forcing Daphne’s to close its doors; she was our very last client before Georgia’s statewide shutdown. She came to her appointment alone and FaceTimed her mother in Wisconsin from Daphne’s to show her the dress she loved before making her final decision. Here’s their love story.

The Meeting

The most unforgettable moments in our lives are often the most unexpected. And when college student Sophia Bailey, running in a freezing Wisconsin winter, slipped and fell on ice, and saw National Guard guardsman Trey Hess coming to check on her, she had one of these moments. Little did she know, this embarrassing moment would be the inception of her love story, with the next 15 months being as unexpected as the first moment. Their first date was Valentine’s Day at Buffalo Wild Wings, where they found how easy it was to talk about anything and lose track of time. After this, she would bring him to campus and get him into the cafeteria on her meal plan—a sign of true love for a college student.

Before meeting Trey, Sophia had given some consideration to joining the National Guard and, with Trey’s encouragement, she joined a month after they started dating. Two months after, she left for National Guard basic training and this five-month stint away from each other is when they knew they were serious about each other—that this was a forever thing. They communicated primarily via letters and FaceTime. Sophia gave Trey a few “Open when” letters for him to read for moments he missed her, moments he needed a laugh, or the moment they celebrated their four-month anniversary. Being further away from each other somehow brought them closer together. She says that it caused them to really focus in on each other and their relationship or as she puts their motto during that time: “You are all I see”.

The Proposal

It was January 3, 2020. After work, Trey’s sister picked Sophia up, telling her they were going on a little adventure. Sophia was still wearing her work uniform. First, they went to the scene of that first fateful moment when Sophia fell, and there was a rose and a note: “Where We First Met”. The next stop was Trey’s house, with another rose and another note for another moment: “Where We First Said I Love You”. The final moment found Trey downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin by the river with a bouquet of roses and a sign: “Where we choose to stay together the rest of our lives”. Sophia doesn’t remember much of what he said because all she was thinking in her head was “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The Dress

Sophia chose a cotton-style vintage lace dress with a fitted silhouette and a neutral Georgette lining from Stella York. The dress combined traditional lace details with a V-neckline and wide lace straps. The back of the gown featured a floral lace design and floating fabric buttons with a mult-layered train. It was the perfect dress for her, and she looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day.

The Tuxedo

Trey wanted to keep it simple, but classy so he chose the Heather Gray Clayton suit by Allure. The fabric of the suit is Super 130’s wool, making it one of the most comfortable in the Allure Collection. The suit came with a matching wool vest and Trey paired it with a white shirt and black bowtie. It’s an ultra slim style that gave Trey a fitted, sleek look that complemented Sophia’s dress perfectly. The combination of their outfits left them looking as dreamy as one could ask for on their special day.

The Wedding

Sophia and Trey Hess were married at Old Towne in May in a small ceremony with just the two of them and a minister. They streamed the wedding on Facebook Live for their family and friends to share the moment with them from afar.

The Newlyweds

Sophia and Trey are finishing their time in Columbus and preparing to move to Fort Riley, Kansas. When asked what makes their relationship unique, Sophia noted their communication and shared sense of humor. Faith is also a big part of their relationship, as well as the fact that they’re driven by their similar goals and shared values.

The Daphne’s team feels extremely fortunate to have met this wonderful couple and be part of one of their most treasured moments. We wish you all the best, Sophia and Trey!

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